Bug fixes and improvements of EuroScope

The latest beta is available at

  • 2019-05-15 build version (3.2a(r20))
    • New command line argument “-novvl” to disable the old voice during the new codec testing.
    • Bug-fix: The annoying “Unexpected error” is fixed.


  • 2018-12-15 build version (3.2a(r19))
    • Departure/arrival dependent TAG background coloring bug fixed


  • 2018-10-14 build version (3.2a(r18))
    • Piloting list – New list for PP to see all planes he is flying
    • New simulator feature: Instructions
      • The instructions are sent to the actual PP as private chat message
      • Trigger at time or at altitude
      • @15:00 Request clearance – at 15 minutes simulator time
      • @2400ft- Request landing clearance – When the plane is below 2400 feet
      • @8000+ Declare emergency – When plane passes 8000 ft
    • Simulator exit selection prior landing
    • Departure/arrival dependent TAG background coloring
    • Bug-fix: Simulator push-back 180 degree turn at the and
    • Bug-fix: Simulator improved ILS calculation


  • 2018-07-22 build version (3.2a(r17))
    • Bug-fix: Plugin and TeamSpeak settings END missing from file.
    • Bug-fix: Simulator initialization caused aircraft “jumping” as startup.
    • Bug-fix: External time handling.
    • Bug-fix: Route extract logic changed for areas without airways.
    • Bug-fix: CSectorElement :: IsElementActive return value.


  • 2017-08-12 build version (3.2a(r16))
    • Bug-fix: Random crash after connect fixed. It was introduced with r12.


  • 2017-04-01 build version (3.2a(r15))
    • Crash handler. Added to all threads too.
    • New PBH conversion.
    • Bug-fix: RadarTarget.GetPosition().GetReportedHeading() normalized.
    • Bug-fix: Crash on simulator connect.


  • 2017-04-01 build version (3.2a(r14))
    • Crash handler. It creates a "EuroScope_crash_.dmp" on ES crash and later on can be debugged. There is also a ".crash" command for testing :).
    • Wind effect in simulator session.
    • Rotor-plane simulation in simulator session.
    • Bug-fix: Decimal values for screen rotation.


  • 2016-08-07 build version (3.2a(r12))
    • Full support of vPilot ACCONFIG packets, and support vPilot to connect Tower view FSD server as controller observer.
    • Free display rotation. Any heading can be set to UP not only magnetic and true north.
    • Improvement on simulator route following.
    • S-mode default squawk (1000) support: always correlate, no DUPE, auto assign SQ function assigns 1000 (only if 1000 is defined in the settings dialog).
    • Bug fix: METAR download was not working on non-VATSIM servers.
    • Bug fix: Scenario editor reconnect caused crash.


  • 2016-03-13 build version (3.2a(r10))

·         Change the "exec ./EuroScopeTs3Server" line to "exec ./EuroScopeTs3Server 9999" or to any other free UDP port.

·         Run the service with: sudo service ests3 start

·         Change in the TS3 authentication: An improved TS3 server authentication is enabled in this version. You can connect to the new FSD server or to the Linux service only with the latest beta EuroScope.

·         A new TEST button is available to test your server settings. This button connects your client to the configured server with two G2G connections. Using the G2G PTT button you can talk in one channel and listen back the voice from the server on the second.

·         FSD server force 1 second update on the ground to make the ground update smoother even no FSX connected for tower view.

·         New TAG item types: Simulation IAS, altitude and heading for pseudo pilots.

·         Settings for rounding the angle value for dragging heading change.

·         Scenario editor dialog is more compact with TABs.

·         Scenario editor start new scenario from template function - that loads all data except traffic from another scenario file.

·         ILS menu to list predefined routes that ends at the ILS.

·         You should select the first point of a predefined route before assign.

·         You should select vacate direction when a predefined route ends at an ILS.

·         Bug fix: Part of ground network was not displayed.

·         Bug fix: Using FL900 and above the TAS to IAS formula failed and returned negative value. That caused negative profile levels.

·         Bug fix: Save plugin settings before unloading the plugins.




  • 2014-10-15 build version (3.2a(r4))
    • New feature: VCCS control based on TeamSpeak.
    • Bug fix: Crash on altitude only exit coordination.


  • 2014-07-20 build version (3.2a(r2))
  • 2014-05-07 build version (3.2)
    • The first version of the installer that is put to the final place and the EuroScope inside is a real v3.2. If there would be any need to change it this week, the version number will remain
    • No restriction on connect to VATSIM to beta team members.
    • New effects and LUKK data from Eric.
    • Bug fix: Call 7za.exe with x to extract folders.
    • Bug fix: METAR position in the toolbar.
  • 2014-05-03 build version (3.1e(r9))
    • Installer test for the public release. Unfortunately by computer changes I simply lost the original installer source code. Only a quite old was available. So I had to create a new one. That way it has no chance to upgrade the installed 3.1d. You should manually uninstall the 3.1d and install the new 3.2. The installer is already v3.2 as the splash screen. But the version below is still 3.1e (r9).
    • Pointless COPX check only along predicted points.
    • Conflict detection tool for two planes only.
    • .showantenna, .antennaon, .antennaoff commands.
    • Do not send SUP broadcast messages on ENTER key.
    • New RADAR calculations.
    • .concfl and .coffcfl commands are removed, and introduced a settings for them.
    • Accept 'N' as speed value in the route section.
    • Bug fix: Ignore first point in taxi instruction, if too close to the plane to avoid initial turning.
    • Bug fix: In professional mode the switch off of the stand-by planes does not hide flying ones without transponder.
    • Bug fix: Enable METAR download only after successful login.
    • Bug fix: Do not save the display area if unchecked in the save changes dialog.
    • Bug fix: RWY exit bug fixed.
    • Bug fix: METAR entry text length limit fixed.
    • Bug fix: SID/STAR names may start with letter now.
    • Bug fix: Doubleclick on menu item re-centered the screen.
    • Bug fix: Movable heading assign selection and magnetic deviation fixed.
    • Bug fix: Long route editing in the text box fixed.
    • Bug fix: Route following leader line (in minutes) mixed true and magnetic north.
  • 2014-01-05 build version (3.1e(r8))
    • Deeper function calls to download files via HTTP.
    • If no ROUTE for the simulated planes, the route extracted from the FP will not have altitude constraints.
    • Simulated controllers are not counted by the ES FSD server.
    • Bug fix: True/magnetic conversion error in the simulator heading toolbar.
    • Bug fix: Remove simulated planes from the departure list.
    • Bug fix: Stand-by aircraft filter did not work correctly.
    • Bug fix: Disable simulating controller with the same name as the main connected one.
    • Bug fix: .am works with planes without FP.
  • 2013-12-23 build version (3.1e(r7))
    • Internet traffic reduction in SweatBox connections to avoid disconnects.
    • Bug fix: CDC to HDC in plug in.
    • Bug fix: INTERNET_FLAG_RELOAD to ensure reload all files without using the cache.
  • 2013-10-06 build version (3.1e(r5))
    • At ground simulator the name of the snapped taxiway is inserted to the message line.
    • The version numbers are shown in the Incompatible plug-in version message.
    • GetCoordinatedNextControllerState function is available.
    • CPlugIn :: GetTransitionAltitude is available.
    • TowerViewConnectorPlugIn.dll - It enables to connect the online VATSIM traffic with FSX via EuroScopeFsdServer.exe and EuroScopeFsxConnector.exe. The type matching is not really complete so far, expect some upgrade on this plug-in. Use the ".tvc" command to open the connect/disconnect dialog, and the ".tvcmm" to open the model matching dialog.
    • New settings to define the "On the ground" filter altitude and speed parameter.
    • Bug fix: Scenario editor saved a wrong heading to the file.
    • Bug fix: DirectionTo no more returns value bigger than 360.
    • Bug fix: No yellow rectangle over ASEL and chat confirm box.
    • Bug fix: Menus are not deleted on tooltip show up.
    • Bug fix: All controllers were marked as simulated even in a not simulated session.
    • Bug fix: Only one VATSIM server found message.
    • Bug fix: OnRefresFlightPlanContent is renamed to OnRfereshFlightPlanContent and get called.
  • 2013-05-20 build version (3.1e(r5))
    • Simulator changes: There is a complete new description about what and how the simulator is changed. In brief:
      1. Centralized simulator with distributed pseudo pilots.
      2. More advanced ground movement simulations. RWY exit definitions for automatic vacate. Taxiway definitions in the ESE file for quick, easy and precise selection of the route to follow.
      3. Ground vehicle simulations.
      4. Follow me, follow behind instructions.
      5. Low approach, touch and go, abort takeoff simulations.
      6. Landing gear, lights, flare, pitch, bank simulations.
      7. Emergency simulations (smoke, fire, landing gear problems).
      8. Up to 360 degrees full panorama 3D tower view support with Prepar3d or FSX.
      9. New TAG items for simulator pseudo pilots.
      10. Built-in scenario editor that works even on a running simulation.
      11. METAR simulations.
      12. Brand new 'Ribbon' like toolbar. All functions are available via the toolbar. The old dialog box still exists, but not used in most cases.
      13. ILS selection until touch down to swing over or select vacate direction.
      14. Simulation speed buttons.
      15. Predefined routes with altitude restrictions.
      16. Manual taxi dialog for slew mode in the simulator.
    • Allow coordination from plug-in without point name.
    • Rotate radar target, rotate flight plan track symbols option.
    • Plane range rings - from the other settings menu.
    • GetCoordinatedNextController returns the overridden, the ongoing and also the assumed next controller.
    • Tooltips.
    • Non VATSIM server check-box in the connect dialog to allow connection to EuroScope FSD server.
    • Bug fix: Fix in the GeoReferenced and NeedRadarContent flags.
    • Bug fix: Save ASR content when georeferenced.
    • Bug fix: All calculations in the simulator are using true north.
  • 2012-05-28 build version (3.1e(r4))
    • ASEL selection hierarchy based on flight plane state.
    • TAG item coloring on departure/arrival.
    • AddAlias function for plug-ins. New autoalias for “Please contact me on $1.”
    • Populate sector ownership for local proxy connections.
    • .concfl, .coffcfl – At the moment only command line functions to switch on/off conflict detection tool when assigning temporary altitude. Actually this function is not new but was disabled even on beta on Hungarocontrol request.
    • Bug fix: SUP command fixes: .findac works from proxy, and uses VIS4 to zoom, the primary frequency is asked from clients.
    • Bug fix: Rounding bug in the new rounded AHDG item.
    • Bug fix: SUP .inf request printed out version number at the requested client.
    • Bug fix: SweatBox reconnect did not reload the scenario file.
  • 2012-02-26 build version (3.1e(r3))
    • Implementation of the MSAW:
      1. MSAW:RUTOL:9000 – in the [AIRSPACE] section of the ESE starts defining an area (named RUTOL) and minimum safe level of 9000 feet.
      2. COORD:N047.46.03.005:E019.16.16.710 – list of cords as in the SECTORLINE element.
      3. When a plane is inside any of these sectors the MSAW is indicated in the TAG.
    • When defining a heading dragging the AHDG item the turning circle is also used and calculated.
    • .rings command – to draw range rings around anything.
      1. .rings <center object> <distance between circles> [<the number of circles>]
    • “Tower listener failed” is moved to the message area from popup window.
    • Fixes in the profile calculation. Performance first, profile second. Better descent profile.
    • Mouse down and up for plug-ins.
    • Bug fix: Sort plug-in AC lists on display.
    • Bug fix: SweatBox connection for non VATSIM servers fixed.
    • Bug fix: Restart SweatBox scenario.
    • Bug fix: Temp data set in simulator published them when there was no owner of the AC.
    • Bug fix: Multiple FP window opened when .am was in the command line and the close of them caused a crash.
    • Bug fix: COPN request still contained 0 altitude value that could cause crash in the public release.
  • 2012-01-02 build version (3.1e(r2)) – Happy New Year Release (sorry for the delay)
    • MTCA will not show conflicts when the calculated profile is below the minimum (final or temporary). And also the tool is a bit faster now.
    • After starting the simulator server the current active primary frequency is set.
    • Ground planes at scenario keep their initial heading data from the position line.
    • Max distance (MTCA and STCA high) to 60.
    • An option to use ISECT.TXT on scratch pad entries.
    • Conflict detection tool as TAG function.
    • I hid the allowed CIDs a bit to make it harder to hack the code.
    • Bug fix: Route parsing went to endless loop in case of looping AIRAC file.
    • Bug fix: Runway GetCoord can be called with index 1.
    • Bug fix: Altitude requests sometimes changed to 0. It was shown in the Coordination window and also the request was not indicated at the TAG.
    • Bug fix: New radar screens are created with name to allow plug-ins to draw in immediately.
    • Bug fix: Do not use foreced color in case of plug-ins. That allows plug-ins to color TAG items independently from ES default coloring.
    • Bug fix: Moving AHDG is always sent to the simulator.
    • Bug fix: Joined airway name has priority over point name in the SCT file when parsing FP route.
    • Bug fix: Show full METAR only if one METAR is shown and has enough place.
    • There may be other fixes in this release. But as I changed from old SourceSafe to the new TFS in September I did not import the changes. So I just do not exactly know what other items were fixed between June and September.
  • 2011-06-13 build version (3.1e(r1))
    • This is a special release. I have changed my development environment from VS2005 to VS2010. That means I changed both the MFC and CRT library reference. I simply copied the necessary files to the ZIP too, but as there are no more manifest files I am just not sure how it will work. Give me some feedback if it works in this way. If not what happens if you install the redistributable package from Microsoft (http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=5555)?
    • GetFPState for FPs in the plug-in environment.
    • Bug fix: Uninitialized FPs were removed from the departure list.
    • Bug fix: Correlation distance 0 can be saved.
    • Bug fix: Scroll popup lists when zooming is disabled.
    • Bug fix: Crash on restarting simulation.
    • Bug fix: "Invalid argument" at FP opening.
  • 2011-05-29 build version (3.1d(r11))
    • Save the RWY configuration after loading a new version of the SCT – but as reported it creates only an empty file without content.
    • Improvements on internet data downloading to enforce newer file downloads.
    • Correlation distance 0 means unlimited.
    • Bug fix: Direct to the actual COPX point initiated a coordination.
    • Bug fix: Point coordination caused a hang on the public (v3.1d).
    • Bug fix: Use of the mouse wheel events right on Wine (Mac).
    • Bug fix: Reset all plane performance reference after loading the simulator file.
    • Bug fix: Another try to remove the planes from default position.
  • 2011-04-17 build version (3.1d(r10))
    • Complete revision and restructuring in profile calculation, COPN/COPX constraints and ongoing coordination features:
      1. Is it possible to define altitude only COPN/COPX data lines in the ESE file. Just let the 4th position empty (actually *) to define the coordinated entry/exit level without a corresponding point along the route.
      2. The profile is calculated using the AC performance data.
      3. The coordination point and altitude can be connected or disconnected.
        1. When connected the profile is calculated using the coordinated altitude at the coordinated point.
        2. Otherwise the coordinated altitude is just displayed in the TAG, but not used in the profile.
        3. A COPX with point and descend or climb altitude is treated as connected.
        4. A COPX without point is treated as disconnected.
        5. When the coordinated point and altitude is connected and you initiate a new altitude coordination then they remain connected. In this case the there is no direct issued on accept.
        6. When the coordinated point and altitude is connected and you initiate a new point coordination then they are changed to be unconnected.
        7. When you initiate a point then an altitude coordination (before accepting the first) then they become connected.
      4. When coordinating the current and the target position is no more connected with a straight line, but the normal maximum altitude profile is used to determine the next controller.
      5. When an AC is coming to the sector and tracked by the controller who will track after leaving your sector then it is no more treated as redundant.
    • Proxy server is stored in the profile file and just defaulted to localhost.
    • Check only planes in range for DUPE but all for auto assign.
    • Bug fix: Listen to frequency is disabled for your own ATIS.
    • Bug fix: Advanced list positions return to original Y position after simulator toolbar is closed.
    • Bug fix: Zooming with F11/F12 uses the mouse cursor position too – if enabled by the settings.
    • Bug fix: Use LAT/LON == 0.0 values in the SCT file.
    • Bug fix: SCTA border was missing in easy mode.
    • Bug fix: Load airport coordinates (ICAO.TXT from different location than FSNavigator folder).
    • Bug fix: Usage of ISECT.TXT is disabled for SCT parsing.
    • Bug fix: Uninitialized plane positions in easy mode are filtered. But if the problem still arises there is a new function: .dumpacdata to dump all AC data to a LOG file. If you experience this bug again, use this command and send me the LOG.
    • Bug fix: AHDG moving function start on assigned function not on TAG type. And a 5 degree rounding is enabled.
    • Bug fix: Fix rounding problems around .9995 seconds.
    • Bug fix: Flight plan dialog uses the same code (same route and profile calculation) as the rest.
    • Bug fix: DOWNLOADINTERVAL in sector provider file is fixed.
    • Bug fix: C instead of V for correlated in the FP list.
    • Bug fix: Add space after .correlate command.
    • Bug fix: Return plane type from uncorrelated radar target too.
    • Bug fix: Plug-in HandleItemMove was called with the original rectangle not with the updated one.
  • 2011-01-02 build version (3.1d(r9))
    • Save tracking information on disconnect and restore them after reconnect. This new feature saves the tracking controller name for every aircraft on disconnect (intentional or unintentional). After reconnect it waits for 30 seconds and then offers to start tracking all aircraft that was tracked by the same callsign you are in at the moment. It is useful when you are disconnected from the server in a heavy traffic situation. You do not have to manually track the planes after reconnect. And it can also be used for shift changes in events. In this case be sure that the new coming in controller leave first (to save the situation information). After reconnecting with a different callsign it can track all planes of the previous controller. Be sure to be connected for minimum 60 seconds. The save is enabled only after the first minute.
    • Access to voice channel data from plug-in.
    • Access to the chat area from plug-in.
    • CTRL + HOME to zoom to origin.
    • Usage of ISEC.txt from FSNavigator database. Also all text data files are loaded into a balanced btree for fast load and access.
    • .vis commands use click on the screen.
    • "Track an aircraft" command accepts handoff.
    • Bug fix: Main toolbar headphone did not show the incoming primary voice if primary and secondary output were different.
    • Bug fix: Controller list position outside the screen.
    • Bug fix: Distance lines can be removed by right click when panning is disabled.
    • Bug fix: Color table index is no more reset at SCT load.
    • Bug fix: X did not close the controller list.
    • Bug fix: AC list ordering bug.
    • Bug fix: Do not show STCA leader lines in easy mode.
    • Bug fix: Direct an AC in simulator via the COPX popup resulted in a wrong point.
    • Bug fix: All tracked FP is in your SEL independently from the state.
    • Bug fix: Ground symbols and magnetic variations.
    • Bug fix: No conflict detection for planes on the ground.
    • Bug fix: Plug-in OnOverScreenObject was not called.
    • Bug fix: C letter on METAR list.
    • Bug fix: CARD position was not saved.
  • 2010-11-23 build version (3.1d(r8))
    • CARD (Conflict And Risk Display) list. It shows warnings (yellow) based on the profile altitudes and alerts (red) if the planes are cleared for the conflicting levels. Also the STCA dialog is renamed to Conflict alert setup to hold the MTCA settings.
    • Conflict detection tool. Press the COPX/COPN altitude with right button and keep it pushed. It shows the selected plane and all conflicting ones with color coding (yellow for warnings and red for alerts).
    • FP sep tool shows intersecting segments as common point. First it draws the main line and secondly the line after common point. I suggest using a white wide (3-4 pixels) for normal lines and a thin red (1 pixel) line for the line after the common point. That looks good and readable.
    • COPX/COPN editor sets probe direct to (only points along the route so far).
    • COPX/COPN default point is the next assumed.
    • Do not show passed points in COPX/COPN popup lists.
    • Bug fix: Several FP sep tool bugs fixed.
    • Bug fix: Simulator heading bug fixed.
    • Bug fix: Distance angle drawing direction >> is corrected.
    • Bug fix: Do not delete terminated FP from arrival list when distance to destination is 0.
  • 2010-09-12 build version (3.1d(r7))
    • Auto correlation new settings: disabled SQ list, disable duplicated SQ, disable pilot set SQ. Duplicated SQ flag is checked at radar target level now. S mode correlation takes precedence over C mode correlation.
    • Bug fix: Sector provider URL change bug fixed. New delete button to remove provider.
    • Bug fix: ASE search month value corrected.
    • Bug fix: STCA dialog last two check box was not initialized.
    • Bug fix: Separated thread for different kind of downloads.
    • Bug fix: Coordination from plug-in.
    • Bug fix: Simulator delayed AC did not have flight plan.
    • Bug fix: Plug-in now can create flight plan from scratch.
    • Bug fix: Autotext turn … heading bug fixed.
  • 2010-07-30 build version (3.1d(r6))
    • FP SEP TOOL – separation tool based on the FP route – click with a right on the SEP TOOL button.
    • DISTANCE, SEP TOOL and FP SEP TOOL handling changes
      1. I deleted the top screen distance lines
      2. You can delete them by pressing the line with a RIGHT button
      3. Pressing the LEFT on the line restarts the command with an element already selected
    • Probe direct to tool: When the COPX/COPN name popup list is opened and your are moving the mouse over the points then a probe direct to point is set. The ROUTE display and the new FP SEP TOOL uses this probe point and updates the data on the screen. This could help deciding what would be the best direct to for separation.
    • Simulator uses the FP route (fully extracted) and the $ROUTE section can be omitted.
    • Bug fix: Connect primary output to secondary – check box state.
  • 2010-07-13 build version (3.1d(r5))
    • GetTagItem did not publish radar target for detailed TAG.
    • ‘AP data’ was not saved at the flight plan dialog.
  • 2010-06-27 build version (3.1d(r4))
    • Major upgrade in the plug-in classes. Be sure to have a separate copy of the release if you would like to use/develop plug-ins for the public release.
    • Connect primary output to secondary device too.
    • Bug fix: OnAsrContentToBeSaved is moved before filling in the map changes to the save dialog.
    • Bug fix: Aircraft default position bug is fixed.
    • Bug fix: Logging from a proxy created an invalid file.
  • 2010-04-05 build version (3.1d(r3))
    • Leader line toggle when correlated bug fixed.
    • Make callsign uppercase for .correlate command.
    • Separated FP tracks behavior fixed (random initiates, random resets).
    • Auto LOG (the main logfile was overwritten by the proxy version) file problem.
    • Ignore "Set active APT by owned sector" when logged in as observer.
    • STCA chnages: less loops, two options not to play sounds.
    • Crash dump when no main VATSIM file was available.
    • Draggable AHDG item. It sets the assigned heading and heading for the simulator too.
    • Plug-in feed problems (at least Todor’s plug-in now has planes inside).
    • Limit the text message displayed on the radar screen to 20 messages.
    • ATIS changed to INFO.
  • 2010-03-06 build version (3.1d(r2)) – first beta after public release
    • Complete internal restructuring. I deleted the CAircraft class and introduced CFlightPlan and CRadarTarget. From now on I must hack in the structure if I want to use information that is not available in real life. That makes all correlation things much straight forward. It was a very heavy recoding. Therefore there may be some new bugs introduced. The plug-in API is untouched so far.
    • Beta testers filter is enabled. The CONNECT button is only available if a (so far 22) registered VATSIM SID is entered to the certificate edit.
    • Auto logging is introduced. In the auto log only the communication packets are stored, but not the voice data. You will be prompted at the end if you would like to save it or not.
    • Version checking (separated beta and public release) is introduced. You will be informed about new beta releases.
    • Complete new STCA function. The setting dialog is changed to allow you entering the warning and pre warning time in seconds. You will get warning (red box and red minimum distance) and pre warning (only a filled circle above the callsign) if the planes will be within the vertical and horizontal distance defined in the box. In the test the CFL value is used only if the flag is checked.
    • Disconnect from VATSIM before asking about to save or not things.
    • Introduction of radar target internal ID. It is shown everywhere where normally you see a callsign.
    • Try another server button in the general settings dialog to download ServInfo data from another server.
    • If an AC has no assigned SQ value, but squawking an acceptable one, then it is used as assigned. It makes the correlation far more better.
  • 2010-01-27 build version (3.1d) – 4th and final (?) patch on the public release
    • Change: Show SUP private chat messages even if private chat is disabled.
  • 2010-01-24 build version (3.1c(r2)) – 3rd patch on the public release
    • Change: Refresh the metar list after receiving RWY update from the proxy connection.
    • Bug fix: Wrongly correlated FP tracks are shown (to the radar position) even if FP display is disabled.
    • Bug fix: Do not ASEL on LBUTTONDOWN if the selected element is created by a plug-in.
    • Bug fix: Opening display settings in easy ground mode changed to ground with no radar.
  • 2010-01-20 build version (3.1c) – 2nd patch on the public release
    • Change: You can correlate a FP to a primary only radar track. It will not be uncorrelated automatically.
    • Change: Easy ground mode is available. The S-mode TAG type is used in this case.
    • Bug fix: Show FP track data if no FP is sent, but the FP is correlated. This bug caused a complete dismiss of a manually correlated radar item with a not sent FP.
  • 2010-01-16 build version (3.1b) – patch on the public release
    • Change: The ASR simulation mode is changed to “Radar”, “Ground with S-mode radar” and “Ground without radar”. No separate “Professional” and “Easy” radar mode. The correlation mode in the general settings dialog decides if the radar display is professional or easy. In Easy correlation mode the simulation of radar antennas and holes are also disabled.
    • Change: New attribute in simulator scenario file. IASVARIATION:<number> to define the IAS variation. If you omit then the default is lowest cruise IAS/20.
    • Improvement: Mouse handling is changed is several places. AC is selected on button down, accidental – some pixel – move on non-moveable items is ignored, movable elements (and distance measuring) need 5 pixels movement before move is activated.
    • Improvement: The requested navigation type is displayed in simulator during the pending period.
    • Bug fix: Simulator TAXI and PUSHBACK instructions do not take off the plane.
    • Bug fix: If no secondary radar readout then primary is not correlated anymore.
    • Bug fix: Simulator DELAY load error is fixed.
    • Bug fix: Not cleared temporary altitude item bug fixed.
    • Bug fix: The pages of the general settings dialog do not disappear on ENTER or ESC.
    • Bug fix: Save and Save As on ASR files saves the display area too.
    • Bug fix: RIGHT double-click des not center the view is panning is disabled.
    • Bug fix: RIGHT double-click button flag correction for plug-in developers.
  • 2009-12-20 build version (3.0d r11) – it is supposed to be the final beta
    • .showantenna command is available – it does not look too nice, but you can see the values at least.
    • After estimate change the FP to simulated.
    • Startup sound is added.
    • TAG item for estimate. Plug-in function to set estimate.
    • .distance <FIX> <ASEL> shows the distance/heading/ETA.
    • Click handling is changed:
      1. First priority is the command line compilation with new ASEL.
      2. Then comes item click functions compilation.
      3. Radar target area is defined for ASEL and double-click (TAG up/down).
      4. Double-click works with LEFT button only and tags up/down only if over the target, over the TAG without item or over an item without LEFT click function.
    • Alias file line length changed up to 1024 chars.
    • Plug-in: REFRESH_PHASE_BACK_BITMAP phase to draw on the rarely changing bitmap.
    • Plug-in function to query the next coordinated controller.
    • .sline2 command for SCT format coordinates.
    • Option to disable panning and zooming and allow plug-in to change the display area.
    • *.sct and *.sct2 in one file type for sectorfile open.
    • .distance, .distance2, .sep has an added SPACE after it.
    • ASEL AC by voice channel click.
    • Auto departure on SweatBox connection. Auto A+C mode after departure.
    • Open SCT menu items order is changed to show the recent ones first.
    • Allow FP annotation on not owned planes.
    • Simulator auto mode selects controller by AC position (owned sector).
    • Value ‘0’ at temporary altitude means cleared for the original level.
    • Bug fix: Direct beyond COPX point – settings is used again.
    • Bug fix: No FP track if AC below radar coverage and FP tracks are disabled.
    • Bug fix: Change the heading after pushback in simulation.
    • Bug fix: Set METAR request timeout after successful connection.
    • Bug fix: Wrong SQ and altitude were shown for incorrectly correlated planes and for FP tracks.
    • Bug fix: Replace ‘:’ chars to SPACE in ATIS lines.
    • Bug fix: Plug-in StartTracking when tracking an AC sends out a reset handoff message.
    • Bug fix: Plug-in functions tests if the controller is an AC or just an observer.
    • Bug fix: Save Profile As changes the profile name internally too.
    • Bug fix: Uncorrelate from plug-in works now.
    • Bug fix: Requested IAS is 0 after landing.
    • Bug fix: New formulas to convert between IAS/TAS/Mach.
    • Bug fix: Flight plan tracks do not show PSSR.
    • Bug fix: Start auto proxy connection only after complete startup (caused a crash on proxy).
  • 2009-11-23 build version (3.0d r10)
    • POINT/M085F320 (and M085F320/POINT) is accepted. The F320 is compiled as the requested level from the next point. This value is used for the profile calculation and also used as the RFL (if no controller override on it). I also changed the meaning of 0 value at temporary altitude. It indicates a cleared level to the first leg of the planned route. With this when a plane passes a level change point the RFL is updated to the new value, but the cleared level remain the original. I also added the RFL value and a button to set it to the FP dialog.
    • Automatic sectorfile download is executed only the firstly run instance.
    • Bug fix: Selecting a text message on top selects the AC again.
    • Bug fix: Magnetic variation is added to the professional ground symbols.
    • Bug fix: Route annotation texts use the alignment value.
    • Bug fix: Do not show assumed and handoff tartget FP tracks if they are hidden.
    • REGIONNAME lines are available. Define them before the region definition. The names may contain spaces.
    • Show route track from DEPA to DEST if the FP is uncorrelated and the track is not shown on the screen.
    • Disable simulated traffic on SweatBox.
    • Bug fix: S mode SPI was shown for A+C SPI.
    • Bug fix: No crash on Display Settings OK if no sectorfile behind. Actually the dialog is disabled in this case.
    • Allow adding localhost to the servers.
    • Separation of ipaddr.txt and myipaddr.txt files (like in VRC). The ipaddr.txt will be overridden after successful data download without further notification. Put all your local definitions to the other file. The SweatBox server is added always automatically.
    • Full integration with Craig Phillips’ ASE editor and repository. From the Connect dialog you can directly download scenario files from Craig’s repository. You can upload your files using the latest ASE editor.
    • Bug fix: Uncorrelated radar item coloring error.
    • Bug fix: Regions are drawn in a separate loop before all the rest.
    • Bug fix: No more crash on voice recording when the path is not available.
    • The main folder is added as the default folder for the sector file providers. Browsing to another place keeps the file name.
    • New way of deleting the memory allocated by the plugins. There are two new rules:
      1. All plug-in must save its CPlugIn derived class instance pointer that is allocated at EuroScopePlugInInit and delete it at EuroScopePlugInExit.
      2. All plug-in that allocate CRadarScreen derived instance to communicate with a radar screen, must implement the OnAsrContentToBeClosed and free itself (delete this) as last action.
    • C-mode is changed to A+C mode.
    • .find+SPACE for F1+f.
    • 20 seconds indent.
    • S mode coverage does not implicate C mode coverage too.
    • .center is no more a SUP only command.
    • Disconnect old voice channel on new ATIS connection.
  • 2009-10-18 build version (3.0d r9)
    • .QQ v, .QQ i, .QQ 1 and .QQ 2 is available for command line approach flags.
    • Zoom center option – the default is the screen center.
    • Bug fix: Correlate/Uncorrelate is not shown in simple mode.
    • Bug fix: When a tracked AC goes out of range a drop track is sent out.
    • Bug fix: If the correlation mode is easy then only easy radar is used in the ASR.
    • Bug fix: Radio messages and frequency confirmations are connected to each other. Confirmations are working in both ways.
    • Bug fix: User defined color has priority on TAG items.
    • Bug fix: Using the F1+a command (.am) then pressing on the Label on an active item opens 2 (two) FPL Windows.
    • Bug fix: New proxy clients are now informed about active RWYs and also about active frequency send and receive flags.
    • Show FP tracks are used for FPs that are in range. For the rest use the Show simulated traffic.
    • Bug fix: Minimum TAG item position is changed to 50.
    • Bug fix: The color of the SCT2 text items were a bit random.
    • Bug fix: Accidental RWY file reload is fixed.
    • Bug fix: Too long AC lists were unusable. I changed that AC lists never change their position, but adds the scroll bas if running out of space.
    • Bug fix: Screen refresh after symbology loading.
    • Bug fix: ATIS maker messages are changed from popup to the message chat area.
    • Bug fix: When the next controller is manually set then the detection if a direct needs coordination is fixed.
    • Bug fix: Region display order is changed.
    • Bug fix: Plug-in settings were saved even if the check box was unchecked.
    • Bug fix: ShowSectorFileElement for regions.
    • Bug fix: Right button double-click for plug-ins.
    • Bug fix: General settings page2 duplicated combo box elements are deleted.
  • 2009-09-19 build version (3.0d r8)
    • Plug-in fixes and improvements:
      • Flight Strip push function and event to handle the pushes (both ways).
      • Invalid (bad COMPATIBILITY_CODE) plug-in loading caused a crash.
      • CorrelateWithFlightPlan and UncorrelateFromFlightPlan functions.
      • StartTagFunction function.
      • Sector element Get functions were not virtual and never returned a value.
      • Show sector elements functions are fixed.
    • Bug fix: Coordination issues:
      • COPN coordination with a Flight Plan track only AC shows accept/refuse popup.
      • Altitude only coordination is available. I also changed the messages accordingly.
      • FEL request was not sent out at all (due to a SweatBox change earlier).
      • Handoff accepted sound was not fired.
      • Point out request is shown in the Coordination area and has associated sound.
      • Manual next controller set sound fixed.
    • Flight Plan list filters.
    • Use the closest points from the SCT file in SID/STAR compilation.
    • Zoom in/out uses the very same ratio. One in and one out restores the original area. A change that the point just below the cursor does not change it position. It is used as the center of the zoom.
    • Several typo errors.
  • 2009-07-24 build version (3.0d r7)
    • Automatic sector file publication and download feature is available.
    • Estimation via the FP dialog – You can enter estimated time values via the FP dialog route list. Just click on the time column, enter the new value (HHMM format) and ENTER. I also saved the current GS at the time of the estimation to use it until the AC reaches the point. It seems that the calculated ETA values are now within +-1 minute.
    • Add a ‘Z’ to the end of the estimated logoff time.
    • VRC style regions are extended by an optional name attribute (first name in the line) to make it possible to switch them on/off individually.
    • Bug fix: If the METAR contains a $ letter, then it is deleted.
    • Bug fix: F1+capital letters.
    • Bug fix: autotext FL values are now divided by 100.
  • 2009-06-07 build version (3.0d r6)
    • Metric units first version is available. To be honest I just created them, and tested that something is displayed that looks similar to the expected. But a complete testing is needed from someone who really knows what the real requirements are.
    • Allow changing the sector indicator from ID to frequency is now globally available.
    • Assume is available while handoff is initiated from me to get back the control.
    • Connected bitmap is indicating if connected to a VATSIM server, to SweatBox or any other FSD server.
    • Leader line can follow the route of the plane. Use the right click menu at the leader line icon and select “Show leader along the route”.
    • In the “Coordination” chat click on a line with a callsign select the AC and double-click opens up the FP chat.
    • 2 decimal digits for font sizes.
    • Simulator improved performance database – thanks to Péter Selmeci.
    • Simulator expedite button available in the toolbar.
    • Simulator speed type is available in the toolbar.
    • ASR load fastkeys are available. Use F1-1 to F1-9 and configure the files in the second page of the settings dialog. The F1-0 closes the actual ASR file.
    • The level of the message handlers (confirm request, flashing, indicating, showing and do nothing) can set for every kind of incoming events.
    • VRC type SCT2 support (colored free texts and polygons).
    • Bug fix: Refuse works now when a handing to me.
    • Bug fix: If the FP is not yet started then put the plane to the departure list even the real plane is far away.
  • 2009-04-19 build version (3.0d r5)
    • Plug-in: Access to the FP track position and function to set ASEL. Private and freq messages are sent to the plug-in.
    • I deleted the Message Dialog and moved its content to the standard chat area under the “Message” tab. (As I am writing this line I found that the “Message Dialog” command is still on the menu, but it does nothing.)
    • The coloring of the chat handlers are changed:
      1. Flashing – indicates there are unread messages under that tab.
      2. Unread color - indicates there are unconfirmed messages under that tab.
      3. Normal color – no unread and no unconfirmed message under that tab.
    • Single message confirmation is available. The messages are moved two chars to the right and there are three different chars at the first column to indicate the message status:
      1. SPACE – this message does not need to be confirmed (mostly the outgoing messages).
      2. O – this message is not yet confirmed
      3. * - this message is already confirmed
    • To confirm a single message click on the O. To confirm all messages of the tab click on the handler with right button.
    • When a FP track is displayed on the VATSIM status data only and the plane comes to the radar range for the first time the FP track is moved to the closest point along the route (it is to avoid FP track far behind and allow correlation).
    • VFR squawk range is changed to be list of unique values and/or ranges. Use the following syntax: 2600-2677,7000,7100,7200-7300.
    • Configurable UNICOM frequency.
    • Bug fix: Allow ADM logins to access SUP commands.
    • Bug fix: Uncorrelated and not started FP remains in the departure list.
    • Bug fix: Default VATSIM status URL is changed.
    • Bug fix: .distance and .sep commands moves the cursor to the end of the edit box.
    • Bug fix: I found the non-existing voice hardware crash at startup.
    • Bug fix: Many AC was missing from the statistical data simulations due to a wrongly calculated GS.
    • Bug fix: SweatBox for STU+ and above.
    • Bug fix: Missing plug-n function (CController.GetPrimaryFrequency) and compilation of AssignedHeading ( 0 );
    • Bug fix: Show only planes in range in the FP list.
  • 2009-04-01 build version (3.0d r4) – Not just a joke for 1st April
    • Arrival and Flight Plan lists.
    • Turn flight plan tracks on/off for IFR and VFR.
    • Enable/disable automatic flight plan tracks. If it is off, but the ground state is DEPA, then it is still started.
    • Manual flight plan track status (start/terminate).
    • Many-many new functions for plug-in developers. Not only query but set controller data initiate/accept/refuse coordination/track transfer. Be careful, the OnGetTagItem has now a new parameter (TagData) that indicates what kind of data might be available for the specified TAG.
    • Symmetric correlate function (starts from radar track as well as from flight plan track).
    • .correlate works with a typed in callsign (start the command from the radar track and type the callsign after the .correlate command).
    • Bug fix: Position prediction array is always available.
    • Bug fix: Do not filter out tracked AC.
    • Bug fix: .findac LAT/LON extract fixed.
    • Bug fix: Resume/pause after restart button.
    • Bug fix: New parameter for TAG string query to distinguish between correlated/uncorrelated radar positions and flight plan tracks.
    • Bug fix: Altitude filters for professional ground mode.
    • Bug fix: SUP+FSS => 1500NM range.
    • Bug fix: VATSIM data download lock and update change. I hope that it fixed the random crash.
    • Bug fix: SweatBox connection fixed. Both the planes and the simulated controllers can be connected.
    • Bug fix: Simulator climb and descend rate extract from the performance data was mixed.
  • 2009-03-18 build version (3.0d r3)
    • Complete SweatBox simulation mode:
      1. New connection type for SweatBox simulations.
      2. Like in the client mode any number of planes and controllers can be simulated.
      3. Your main connection as CTR is independent from the trainee connection. You do not have to simulate the main CTR.
      4. Ongoing coordination works in the simulated environment. You can request any COPX coordination by the name of the owner controller. You can initiate a COPN request by the name of the main controller only. You can accept any incoming coordination. Do not try to coordinate between your main and one of the simulated CTR.
      5. Due to the SweatBox server the number of the trainees and the number of the simulator drivers are not limited. All the normal operations between them are allowed.
      6. It is possible to hand over the simulation to another controller. As I am not able to disconnect the simulated plane from the server the driver who started the plane will keep the connection to the server and respond for several queries. The new driver sends only the position updates to the old using private messages. The simulation can be passed back to the original driver. To pass a simulation press the F6 to see the FP in the bottom and use a right click. Only the simulator driver callsings will be available in the popup list. The simulator drivers are marked with a * in the controller list. There is no accept/refuse protocol, the transfer is immediate. The simulation transferred to you is indicated by drawing its route on the screen.
      7. You can use your own FSD server (download the FSInn FSD server from http://www.mcdu.com/en/download.php). There might be problem using VRC with it.
    • Simulator improvements:
      1. I was pushed to improve the aircraft performance data. So sorry for deleting immediately the PERFORMANCE line from the scenario. I received a performance data file for several planes (A124, A30B, A306, A310, A318, A319, A320, A321, A332, A333, A342, A343, A345, A346, A3ST, A748, AAS, AC11, AC6T, AC90, AC95, AEST, AJET, AN12, AN24, AN26, AN72, AN74, AS32, ASTR, AT43, AT45, AT72, ATLA, ATP, B190B350, B461, B462, B463, B52, B703, B712, B721, B722, B732, B733, B734, B735, B736, B737, B738, B739, B741, B742, B743, B744, B74S, B752, B753, B762, B763, B764, B772, B773, BA11, BE10, BE20, BE30, BE33, BE36, BE40, BE50, BE55, BE58, BE60, BE76, BE95, BE99, BE9L, BE9T, BN2, BN2P, BN2T, C5, C12, C17, C130, C135, C141, C160, C172, C182, C206, C208, C210, C25A, C25B, C295, C303, C30J, C310, C340, C404, C414, C421, C425, C441, C500, C501, C510, C525, C550, C551, C560, C56X, C650, C680, C72R, C750, CL30, CL60, CN35, CRJ1, CRJ2, CRJ7, CRJ9, CVLT, D228, D328, DA42, DC3, DC6, DC85, DC86, DC87, DC9, DC93, DC94, DC10, DHC6, DHC7, DH8A, DH8B, DH8C, DH8D, E3TF, E3CF, E6, E110, E120, E121, E135, E145, E170, E195, EC35, F15, F16, F18, F117, F27, F28, F50, F70, F100, F406, FA10, FA20, FA50, F900, F2TH, G150, G159, G222, GA7, GALX, GL5T, GLEX, GLF2, GLF3, GLF4, GLF5, GY80, HARR, HAWK, H25A, H25B, H25C, H47, IL62, IL76, IL96, J328, JAGR, JS20, JS31, JS32, JS41, K35E, K35R, KC10, L101, L188, L410, LJ24, LJ31, LJ35, LJ45, LJ55, LJ60, M20P, M20T, MD11, MD80, MD81, MD82, MD83, MD87, MD88, MD90, MU2, MU30, NIM, P3, P68, P180, PA24, PA27, PA28, P28A, P28R, P28T, PA30, P31T, PA31, PA32, P32R, P32T, PA34, PA44, PA46, P46T, PAY1, PAY2, PAY3, PAY4, PC7, PC9, PC12, PRM1, RJ70, RJ85, RJ1H, S601, SB20, SBR1, SF34, SH33, SH36, SR20, SR22, SW2, SW3, SW4, T134, T154, T204, TBM7, TOR, TRIN, TRIS, TUCA, VC10, YK42 ). As I am not completely convinced if I am allowed to publish this file I simply hidden it to the code. So the performance data of the planes above are inside EuroScope.
      2. But you are able to override the default values and define planes not listed above. Use the following lines. The first line defines the type name. The next lines describe the capabilities. After the PERFLINE you must specify the following values: flight level, climb IAS, cruise IAS, descent IAS, climb Mach, cruise Mach, descent Mach, max climb rate, max descent rate.
        1. PERFAC:B737.
        2. PERFLINE:030:230:230:210:0:0:0:3700:1600
        3. PERFLINE:050:250:250:210:0:0:0:3600:1600
        4. PERFLINE:100:250:250:250:0:0:0:3400:1600
        5. PERFLINE:150:280:280:280:0:0:0:3000:1700
        6. PERFLINE:200:280:280:280:0:0:0:2600:1800
        7. PERFLINE:250:280:280:280:0:0:0:2300:2400
        8. PERFLINE:300:0:0:0:078:079:078:1500:2400
        9. PERFLINE:350:0:0:0:078:079:078:1100:2900
        10. PERFLINE:400:0:0:0:078:079:078:800:2800
      3. Complete Mach handling over FL250. You can define the speed in Mach via the ASP TAG item (with right click). The plane will use the defined Mach number.
      4. Complete new formulas to convert Mach, IAS, TAS/GS (as still no wind). At the moment all values are converted with 15 degrees C on the ground, but in the next release I will offer a line to change it.
    • Additional symbology elements:
      1. ARC <x> <y> <radius> <start angle> <end angle>
      2. FILLARC <x> <y> <radius> <start angle> <end angle>
      3. POLYGON <x1> <y1> <x2> <y2> <x3> <y3> … <xn> <yn> - n <= 16
    • Full VATSIM server status check at startup. I load the main data file, then randomly select a server URL and a data feed URL. This helps in the server balancing and also the changes are automatic.
    • Ask for profile name on startup if no lastly saved or the lastly saved is unavailable.
    • Cancel All at exit.
    • VFR squawk range instead of only one value in the general settings.
    • Change logoff time while online.
    • Even/odd coloring on temporary altitude.
    • Bug fix: Transfer to me initiated symbology.
    • Bug fix: In simulator the SQ is assigned automatically. So the planes are correlate after startup.
    • Bug fix: .am works on plane without original FP.
    • Bug fix: No 120 KTS minimum speed in the simulator.
    • Bug fix: The $ROUTE without callsign in the scenario file compiled wrongly.
    • Bug fix: The takeoff button in the simulator checks now which is the closest end of the RWY.
    • Bug fix: I deleted the test from the takeoff button if there are $ROUTE defined or not. The planes without $ROUTE takes off on heading.
    • Bug fix?: No 100 chars limit in the FP.
    • Bug fix: Saving a new ASR file on exit uses the name specified in the dialog.
  • 2009-02-24 build version (3.0d r2)
    • Simulator improvements:
      1. Any number of controllers can be simulated (but all must be defined in the scenario file).
      2. Changes in the file format (old files must be able to be loaded):
        1. CONTROLLER:LHBP_TWR:118.1 – the index of the controller can be omitted.
        2. $ROUTE:ABONY AGMAS BP539 TPS BP538 BP537 BP536 – the callsign can be omitted and all the parameters from the end of the line can be put in subsequent lines.
        3. START:2 – the minutes of delay before appearance (from the $ROUTE line).
        4. DELAY:2:5 – the minimum and maximum pilot delays (from the $ROUTE line).
        5. REQALT:ABONY:12000 – the requested point and altitude (from the $ROUTE line).
        6. PERFORMANCE:160:310:140:3000:3000 – aircraft performance data. The values are: take-off IAS, maximum IAS, Landing IAS, maximum climb rate, maximum descent rate.
      3. Climb/descent rate is sent to the simulator when trainee sets it on the TAG.
      4. ILS/Visual approach is sent to the simulator when trainee sets it on the TAG.
      5. New connection mode “Start simulator server via proxy” – in this case a second (or even more) trainee can join to the session and add more simulated planes and controllers. The second trainee uses the old proxy connection method.
      6. The simulator dialog can now be really minimized. In minimized state the dialog is hidden and an additional toolbar appears on the top with the most important buttons.
      7. There is only one take-off button. It takes the plane off from the RWY it is currently holding.
    • All “autotext” messages are uses aliases now. The default alias are the followings:
      1. .autoproceed Proceed direct to $1
      2. .autoclearedils Cleared ILS approach RWY $1
      3. .autoclearedvisual Cleared visual approach RWY $1
      4. .autoclimblevel Climb to FL $1
      5. .autoclimbaltitude Climb to altitude $1 ft by QNH $altim($dep)
      6. .autodescendlevel Descend to FL $1
      7. .autodescendaltitude Descend to altitude $1 ft by QNH $altim($arr)
      8. .autospeed Speed $1 KT indicated
      9. .automach Mach number $1
      10. .autonospeed Resume normal speed
      11. .autoturnleft Turn left heading $1
      12. .autoturnright Turn right heading $1
      13. .autocontact Contact $1 on frequency $2. Have a good flight and landing. Bye.
      14. .autosquawk Set squawk $1
    • Plug-in compatibility test. Only plug-ins that are 100% compatible with the actual release will be loaded. Of course all plug-ins require a recompilation (and an additional parameter for the CPlugIn class constructor).
    • Screen layout settings are separated from general settings.
    • Manual correlation is propagated via proxy.
    • Expected logoff time should be specified at logon (at least for the real controllers).
    • Send Real Name query to pilots in range – pilot names are available without statistical data.
    • Limit FP route and remark to 100 chars as required by the protocol.
    • SCTA distances are floating numbers.
    • Independent radar ranges. No rules about the sizes. The radar readouts are also independent (may receive S mode without C or vice versa).
    • Bug fix: No coasting no FP track close to the airport.
    • Bug fix: On new FP the FP track is started from last simulated position not from last radar position.
    • Bug fix: Scroll bar for symbol editor.
    • Bug fix: Tagged up and detailed in ground mode.
    • Bug fix: Detailed showed FP data instead of C/S readout.
    • Bug fix: “Unidentified” is shown in the title bar if an unidentified AC as selected.
    • Bug fix: Make a difference between real TAG items and AC list items.
    • Bug fix: Controller list dragging – may be that the actual position of the texts are a bit different.
    • Bug fix: OBS can correlate/uncorrelated.
    • Bug fix: Uncorrelate is available if FP is correlated not the radar of the same AC itself.
  • 2009-02-15 build version (3.0d r1)
    • I changed the version number to 3.0d (the professional mode really requires that – thx for the tip).
    • New TAG types. The hierarchy is complete now. In a family you have 8 types:
      1. primary only
      2. uncorrelated C
      3. uncorrelated S
      4. correlated C
      5. correlated S
      6. flight plan track
      7. ground with S mode
      8. ground without radar
    • All TAG types have all three levels:
      1. untagged
      2. tagged
      3. detailed
    • Some new options:
      1. allow correlated TAGs untagged (setting it false will tag up all correlated)
      2. show detailed TAG over untagged
      3. show rectangle around FP track (if really hate it)
      4. show rectangle around ASEL
    • TAG item coloring is available via the TAG editor:
      1. default mode – as it works now
      2. final flight level even/odd coloring
      3. six freely assignable colors
    • User definable clipping area around radar targets (general settings).
    • Ground without S-mode radar simulation mode.
    • New default ground symbol.
    • Bug fix: Empty items in the display settings dialog, GEO was missing completely.
    • Bug fix: S-mode and C-mode correlation modes both worked as S-mode.
    • Bug fix: .chat command on unidentified AC.
  • 2009-02-10 build version (3.0c r5)
    • NEW Professional radar simulation (nearly all from 397, and 396 is available from the command line).
    • All symbols are now freely editable via the symbology settings dialog.
    • Access to the complete sector file for the plug-in developers.
    • Access to the elements displayed on the radar screen for plug-in developers.
    • Runway and airport activity is available for plug-in developers.
    • Refuse COPX coordination if the caller is not the next controller.
    • Bug fix: Controller rating in the connect dialog and in the title bar.
    • Bug fix: GS/IAS is 0 in simulation mode when holding position.
    • Bug fix: Some WAVE files were not playable. The PLAY button now uses the selected device in the dialog.
    • Bug fix: Some controller assigned value was not always published to the plug-ins.
    • Bug fix: Crash when DLL is failed to be loaded.
  • 2008-12-31 build version (3.0c r4)
    • My last innovation for 2008: The voice aliases. It is a complete new (and I hope revolutionally) way to control text only aircrafts. I combined the Microsoft Speech Recognition SDK with a regular expression like grammar definition (with sounds like capabilities). These items altogether make the voice recognition stable and precise enough to be used for text only aircrafts.
    • Plug-in development next step (the holding list plug-in contains example for nearly all new items):
      1. You can define functions for the TAG items from the plug-in.
      2. You can open the popup editor and your own popup list from the plug-in as part of your function.
      3. Access to the ASEL aircraft.
      4. METAR change events.
      5. Controller/aircraft disconnect events.
      6. Coordination state and data is available via the CAircraft.
      7. Actual connection type is available.
      8. Access to the missing parts of the flight plan.
      9. All plug-in calls are enclosed into a try-catch block. This makes ES more resistant against the plug-in crashes.
    • You can define the sounds output device. It is independent from the primary and secondary voice devices.
    • Do not mute secondary output if it is on a different device then the primary.
    • Better time to arrive to a point calculation (the actual GS is reduced with the predicted altitude).
    • Bug fix: Issue 359. Over flight state not saved in AC list.
    • Bug fix: Issue 412. DEP list content in simulator mode.
    • Bug fix: AL=0 is added to the SUPs INF request. ES responses well for SUPs VER requests.
    • Bug fix: Plug-in developers: MinutesToArrive to a point is set to -1 for passed or ignored points.
    • Bug fix: If the airport is not found in the ICAO_Airports.txt the look after it in the SCT file for route extraction.
  • 2008-12-07 build version (3.0c r3)
    • Plug-in development next step: You can create your own TAG items. The plug-in created items can be used in the TAG editor as well as in the AC list editors.
    • Plug-in development next step: You can create your own AC lists. There is a new example (as source code) the holding list plug-in. If you load the plug-in you will be able to display a new AC list that displays the holding planes. There are some commands to drive the list from the command line:
      1. .hl show – to show the holding list
      2. .hl hide – to hide the holding list
      3. .hl add <point name> <callsign> - to add a plane to the list
      4. .hl del <callsign> - to remove the plane from the list
      5. .hl wait <minutes> <callsign> - to add a timer that counts down from <minutes> to 0.
    • You may also drive the holding list from the TAG. Set a direct to the holding point and then enter “HOLD” or “HOLD <minutes>” to the scratch pad of the AC. When you do this the plane will be added to the holding list. Specifying the <minutes> to wait will start the timer counter too. When you clear the scratch pad the plane will be removed from the list.
    • Plug-in development next step: Developer has access to the settings file(s).
    • The settings can be separated to any number files. You can specify the file name for all settings groups (that are handled the same way inside ES). You can specify the same name for more than one group. That way all your settings from these groups are saved to the same file. Naturally the default is that your last settings file name is used for all groups. Open and evaluate the Other SET/Settings file setup menu.
    • Ongoing entry point coordination request is allowed on simulated AC.
    • Bug fix: Display CTR+ level controllers as CTR+ instead of INS.
    • Bug fix: Issue 413. Over flight state not saved in AC list.
    • Bug fix: Issue 375. Connect dialog position.
  • 2008-10-14 build version (3.0c r2)
    • Due to the slowing down of the I reverted the main development to the original version and added only the plug-in staff in a new DLL. From now the EXE holds the real code again and the DLL is just the plug-in loading.
    • No other fixes in this release (just the ones that were introduced by
  • 2008-09-28 build version (3.0c r1)
    • Plug-in development environment is available.
    • EuroScope.exe and EuroScopeDll.dll separation for plug-in environment.
    • Bug fix: In simulator the airport altitude is used for departure AC instead of 1000.
  • 2008-07-06 build version (last 3.0b)
  • 2008-06-15 build version
  • 2008-06-01 build version
    • Bug fix: Mantis ID 309 (http://www.euroscope.hu/Mantis/view.php?id=309). Metar for EPKT is extracted right now.
    • Coordination: The calculation of the next controller is modified. In version 3.0a the actual position was connected to the coordination point with a straight line. This straight line used a linear altitude profile. It is modified to use a maximal altitude profile instead. When climbing then the profile goes up with the standard climb rate then level. When descending the profile stays in level and descends to the coordination altitude at the latest possible time.